What Are The Guiding Principles For Disability Support Services?

Providers of care and support services that are home to qualified support workers would come up with tailored support services for individuals living with mobility restrictions and other impairments.

Now, when it comes to offering support services, these qualified specialists will never provide any generalised service. Rather, they will take into consideration the extent of support these individuals would need. They will interact with the recipients of support to know them as ‘person’. They will evaluate their lifestyle, taking into account the preferences and objectives of their lives, their likings and dislikings, and even their socioeconomic backgrounds.

This focused approach and intense probe help these service providers fabricate support service packages that are tailored to suit their bespoke support and care needs. However, while doing so, the disability support providers in Perth will follow certain principles. On this page, let us discuss the principles that these support service providers would follow:

  • The support packages are person-focused

Whatever these service providers fabricate for the support packages, the services are always focused on the development of the autonomy of the recipients. The reason being, all these support service providers would work on a single motto – helping individuals lead a life that is as autonomous as possible. In other words, these service packages are meant to assist these individuals in leading the life of their choice, meet the goals of their life with as much independence as possible. The service provider believes that every individual, regardless of the impairment, is the self-director of their life. Thus, the disability support services in Perth, like anywhere else offering these support packages, focus on the development of the skills and abilities that will help these individuals lead the life of their choice.

  • Development of collaborative and participatory relationships

We humans are a social species. We cannot stay alone. Thus, in the way of life, we strike relationships of various natures not merely for socialising, but for creating an environment of cohabitation, and to developing a collaborative and participatory relationship. It makes our life easier. However, people living with impairments might be found wanting in this area due to the fact that they lack the skills needed to develop these relationships.

That is the reason, reputable providers of Perth disability services would ensure that the recipients of support services develop the skills to strike these collaborative and participatory relationships for a better, healthier, and happier life.

  • Building the Capacity and Capability in the Individuals

These support service packages are not meant to directly help these individuals living with impairments lead their life. They are meant to help these individuals develop the skills that are needed to fulfil the conditions of life and lead life. For instance, these support services will help develop the skills needed to carry out the day to day chores, personal tasks, which are a part of life, and even help develop the skills needed to study, find a job, and sustain it. Thus, capacity and capability building is another principle of these support services.

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