Social and Community Participation
Assistance with Social and Community Participation in Perth
If you are a participant in Perth and getting engaged in community activities feels difficult, it’s time to connect with us at Spearhead Supports.

We assist the Participants to actively take part in community. Besides, participating in community events and activities helps a Participant to stay active. We will help you methodically accomplish your goals by assigning our expert support workers to help you engage in community events.

As experts in disability support’s, we help participants in overcoming their day-to-day challenges. Also, we help develop social skills with which participants can connect better with the community and be able to socialise with ease.

What’s Included in Our Social and Community Participation Service?
At Spearhead Supports, we assist participants with a wide range of activities that include:
  • Recreational activities such as taking part in sports
  • Communicating with people in social groups and taking part in discussions
  • Visiting the local library
  • Learning new things and developing daily life and living skills
  • Volunteering for various activities
  • Taking specific lessons e.g., Cooking, dancing etc.
  • Participating in special community events.
Our support workers will take you to the local community where you can spend time. They will stay with you as you engage in various activities. Moreover, our support workers will help you with personal care when required.
Why Choose Our Social and Community Participation Service in Perth?
At Spearhead supports,
  • We have experienced workers who support participants attending community programs
  • Our Staff support participants accomplish various activities in the community
  • Our support workers will help develop social skills and aid you in reaching your goals
  • Our Support workers are patient and have years of experience in supporting participants with community-based activities
To get your queries answered regarding our assistance with social and community activities, contact us now.
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