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NDIS Short-Term Accommodation in Perth

Are you looking for properties where you can spend a few days in your comfort? We at Spearhead Supports can help you refine your search and can even provide you with an NDIS short-term accommodation in Perth. The properties that we will provide will meet your needs since these are optimised for participants. On top of that, you can choose to spend your respite in any part of Perth. You will only need to tell us the specifications so that we can arrange accommodation for you.All the short-term accommodations in Perth that we offer comprise parking spaces for disability vehicles. Besides, these properties are located very near to shops, shopping malls and recreational centres where you can travel with your assistant and socialise with others. Thus, seeking a place for respite is easier when we are with you.

Why Are Our Perth Short-Term Accommodations The Right Choice?

Our Perth short-term accommodations are highly sought-after by participants as well as support workers due to certain features such as accessories that make moving with your disability aids easier. For instance, bathrooms and other rooms have handrails that can make movement easier for the participant.

If you are a support worker, however, you will surely feel comfortable since these properties are designed keeping luxury in mind. You can also expect all amenities in these properties.

Why Choose Our NDIS Short-Term Accommodations in Perth?

Opt for our NDIS short-term accommodations in Perth since:
  • We help find the best properties as per your preferences
  • We arrange premium short-term accommodations for respite
  • We only offer disability-friendly properties
  • We ensure maximum comfort in our accommodations
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