Positive Behavior Support
Positive Behaviour Support Services (PBS) in Perth
With an in-depth understanding and experience in managing the positive behaviour of individuals with disabilities, Spearhead Supports is your provider of choice.

Mental impairments can stem from physical disabilities, or they might be inherent in an individual. Our support workers will implement the behaviour support plan of the participant under the scheme and support them so that they can lead their life conveniently, independently and without facing constraints.

Further, our support workers will examine the behaviour of the participants, communicate with them to learn about their difficulties and tailor the support program so that they develop the essential skills to reach their goals.

Understanding and Promoting Positive Behaviour
To understand the challenging manners and develop a plan, our specialists will use the positive behaviour support framework. After that, the support workers will implement the formulated strategy to resolve the behavioural issues with little or no regulated restrictive practices. This will enable the individual to lead a quality life, portray positive behaviour and connect with their near and dear ones better.

Communicating with family members and even the support workers can prove to be a challenge for individuals suffering from mental impairments. However, to express their requirements, participants can sometimes use behaviours that can be challenging to others. These behaviours can be frustrating and might even affect relationships, this is where our experienced support workers come in to implement the behaviour support plan that comprises individualised assistance and promotes positive practices.

Effective Positive Behaviour Support Services for NDIS Participants
Choose Spearhead Supports when it comes to Positive Behaviour Support because:
  • Our support workers can understand behaviour and tailor the support program based on the same
  • To promote positive behaviour, our professionals develop support plans by consulting with the support workers and family members of the participants
  • We offer personalised behaviour support plans for participants
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