About Us
About Us Spearhead Supports Pty Ltd.
At Spearhead Supports, we are true to our values of respect and integrity with our participants and stakeholders. We believe in transparency; therefore, we ensure all support is carried out in accordance with internal audits and regulatory requirements.

As a team that is heavily involved in the wellness of others, we have an open-minded approach to every situation. In addition, we highly embrace cultural diversity and encourage advancement in our staff members.
Spearhead Supports is a flexible and readily available team for anyone who needs support. Our ongoing work has and still is being appreciated by the Perth community. Spearhead Supports is a name that many Participants and Support Coordinators trust and turn to for disability services.

Our Mission

Our team is working on our support services to make them better and up to date constantly. We believe we can help our Participants feel empowered to experience life and be in the moment. This is achieved by understanding Participant needs and undertaking meaningful communication and activities.

Regardless of a disability or if an individual is elderly we endeavour to promote a healthy lifestyle and community engagement. We are always willing to help our mentally and physically disabled patrons to get back on their feet and live a more purposeful life.

Our Mission is to:

  • Create cohesive, diverse, resilient and inclusive communities.
  • Build and strengthen community engagements and partnerships.
  • Identify opportunities for people living with a disability and their families.

Our Vision

Spearhead Supports provides creative, flexible and personalized support services to people with a disability. In doing so we help Participants enjoy a more fulfilling life in the community of their choice.

Our vision is to empower people living with disability to:

  • Improve their Mental State by building a community spirit with more engaged patrons.
  • Live in a society where everyone has valued-roles and respected contributions.
  • Become self sufficient and live a positive life without an over reliance on others.
  • Be more confident to make better decisions and enjoy the outcomes.
We have a very simple mantra: Enable all people living with a disability to be more happy, confident, and have a better life in our modern society.
What We Deliver
Each of our services meets our exceptionally high standards. We pride ourselves on our quality of care.

Qualified Support Team
Our team is friendly, highly qualified, passionate, trustworthy, and ready to help.

Happy Clients
Our Participants come first. We listen to your problems, seek to understand your needs, and offer innovative and flexible solutions.