Supported Independent Living Perth

A Brief Account of Short Term Accommodation for Children

As per the norms for NDIS, STA or Short Term Accommodation for children is actually, what is Respite Care for people with impairment. In other words, Short Term Accommodation for children is a genre of support service, when a young adult or a child with impairment or restrictive issues go through a short stay away from home in a specialised accommodation facility. This gives them the opportunity to make new efforts at doing new things, make new friends and learn invaluable skills to help in the way of life. It also gives the parents as well as the carers a short break or ‘respite’ from their day to day caring role.

During the stay, children with disabilities are provided with the opportunity of going through new experiences and gain as much independence as possible. In fact the short term accommodation in Perth is a learning window for the differently-abled children that will help them gain experience, get the pathway of leading a productive social life and contribute significantly to the society like any of us. 

The Activities That the Children Carry Out During the Stay

Like respite care, Short Term Accommodation services designed for children can give them get on with numerous activities that are part and parcel of our daily life. They may include going to movies, theatres and musical events, playing favourite sports and the likes.

Even if it is all about trying out new hobbies, they can try them as well, with the help of the support workers who keep strict vigil on the children 24×7.

What Support Does the Short Term Accommodation Include?

Under the short term accommodation scheme for the children, the trained and qualified support workers will guide them in ways, including assistance with:

  • Nutrition
  • Personal care activities like bathing, showering, dressing
  • Taking medicines as per the prescription
  • Managing  behaviours for concerns

Besides, our short term accommodation is also about assistance with

  • Participation in community activities as well as social outings
  • Engagement in activities, which enhances well being and health
  • Development of autonomy in daily living skills, personal activities, skill development as well as schooling.

We also offer the best assistance with supported independent living in Perth.

How do the NDIS Service Providers in Perth Excel?  

We will never consider the kids as mere participants. They will consider these children as their extended family members and will serve them accordingly.

They will not serve with mere profession. Rather, they will serve with compassion, care and affection so much so that the children will not feel being away from their home during the stay.

And all these accommodation facilities have 24×7 liaison with the best nurses and doctors, who will be contacted at the event of any emergency. Hence, our  accommodation facilities  are the safest,  

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