Spearhead Supports – Perth NDIS Provider

Spearhead Supports provides a broad range of services to assist you in reaching your life goals. We are NDIS registered providers in Perth that strive to assist our clients to reach their goals and develop the necessary skills they require to live independently.

Our Support Workers are kind, compassionate, respectful, and are equipped with hands on experience which is demonstrated in their skilled management of participants’ needs. If you are eligible for NDIS support and choose to partner with our services, you can expect comprehensive and personalised care tailored to meet your needs.
Our Services
At Spearhead Supports, we offer a wide range of services to meet our participants’ needs. No matter the services you choose, our Perth NDIS support providers endeavour to provide high standard of care. These services include:
Supported Independent Living (SIL)
To help you live independently in your home or a shared space, our support workers will assist you with various household tasks and personal activities.
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Support Coordination
If you are new to NDIS and require support with your personalised plan or funding management, we will provide you with assistance.
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We provide accessible accommodation choices for those exploring Individualised Living Options (ILO) including Short & Medium Term Accommodation (STA & MTA), and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).
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Community Participation
Our support workers will assist you with socialising opportunities and exploring places in your community for your mental well-being.
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Respite Care
Our support workers will assist you with your daily living activities while you are on respite, ensuring your comfort and safety.
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Mental Health Support
Our staff will provide you with the support required for the improvement of your mental well-being, and seek to address issues affecting your mental health.
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Disability Support Services
Our disability support service will make living easier as our support staff ease the load of participants through comprehensive task management.
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Our Values
Why Choose Us
  • Inclusion We will always support people to make their own choices about how they live and take part in their community
  • Integrity We will always aim to do the right thing and work in ways that reflect these values.
  • Honesty We will be honest and open, even when we make mistakes.
  • Equity We will always try to be fair, treating everyone the same respectful way.
  • Trust We will always try to be dependable; and help form lasting relationships with members of our community.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can support coordination help me manage delivery service providers?
Yes, our support workers will assist you to manage your service delivery providers efficiently. They will help you develop the necessary competencies with which managing the same and the funding will become easier.
Is respite care included in the short-term accommodation?
No, respite care is not included in the short-term accommodation service. However, if you want the former, you can tell us, and we will include it.
Do your support staff provide 24/7 assistance to participants?
Yes, we do provide round-the-clock assistance to participants. You can get our support in both, your home as well as your shared space.
How do you manage disruptive behaviour in your mental health support program?
To manage disruptive behaviour, we might resort to restrictive practices only if required. However, we hardly do that without planning and consultation with the experts.
I want to learn more about your NDIS services. How can I do so?
You can call us if you want to learn more about our services. Or, you can send us an email as well.
Our support workers are available at 08 6144 4840 to assist you with our services. If you don’t want to call, send an email to so that we can provide you with the required support.
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